Cadac Charcoal Mate for Kettle Braaing Made Simple


A Cadac charcoal mate is one of the best kettle braais available on the market and has a great reputation for durability. The steel enamelled surface prevents damage and corrosion that the kettle may experience due to the level of heat that is generated each time the kettle is used. The enamel also prevents rust and dulling from the sun and other outdoor elements. The tripod legs are fixed and made from andorised aluminium which will ensure that it is sturdy and minimises the risk of the braai falling over or tipping hot coals. The round grid is designed to fit the kettle perfectly and is nickel plated to prevent sticking and corrosion.


The Cadac charcoal mate has a lid with air vents that can be opened or closed so that you can better control the temperature of your fire. Opening the vents will allow the coals to burn quicker providing you with more heat. Closing the vents will minimise the supply of oxygen to the coals which can result in the fire cooling rapidly. The handle on the lid is made from a heat resistant material which means that while the kettle and the lid are hot, you will be less likely to burn your hands.


You can attach a condiment tray or utensil rack to your charcoal mate to add convenience to your outdoor cooking experience. This is especially helpful on camping or fishing trips where there are no tables or other surfaces to place these items on. A pizza stone is a great addition to your charcoal kettle and will mean that you are not limited to braaing or smoking your food. Acquiring one or more of the other grills available will enable you to easily cook other foods such as ribs or fish with less mess and fuss.


To find out more about the Cadac charcoal mate as well as the other charcoal kettles that are available from Cadac, please contact us.

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